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Blood donation

Hi all,

Thank you for visiting my blog as always.
This is the last day of year-end and biginning vacation. However, it was clowdy from early this morning. I have no plan today, so I was going to go for training gym in the afternoon. But I found the remind mail that blood donation car would visit my town today, so I tryed to donate my blood before training. I visited there at 1:00 pm, and donate my blood as always. According to my ID card, this was the 59th donation from scratch. After donation, I drove my car and went for training gym, but it started raining and felt my body slack, therefore, I changed my mind, went home, and wrote this today's blog instead.



Hi all,

One week has already passed since new year began. There is one thing that I've continued from Jan.1. It's push-up. I make it a rule to push-up everyday 30 times this year. I heard that Haruka Ayase also continues to push-up 200 times a day, so I challenge it. She is very busy as actress, but she trys to push-up in order to keep beutiful body, so I would like to imitate her in that point. Although my challenge is only 30 times a day now, but I will increase from now on.

Thanks for visiting my Blog.

Year beginning decision

From this year, I make it a rule to keep diary in English every day.
I believe that the best way to improve my English skill is to be familliar with English every day, so I will do my best. I will try to use what I learned as much as possible.
I will do it if I believe myself!